Structured Fragility

Becoming a masterful abstract artist is a labor of love and dedication. I see it as a calling and is it ever calling me!  

Mastery is a theme in the book I’m reading now, Ninth Street Women, by Mary Gabriel. Writer and art critic, Charles Baudelaire writes of the avant-garde abstract expressionist artists in America as being…” in a frenzy to achieve mastery… is the ideal execution, may become as unconscious and spontaneous as is digestion for a healthy man after dinner.”  So much of this book speaks to me as I work to develop my personal art vocabulary.

My newest paintings reveal content and expressions I’ve discovered since becoming an non-object painter. The concept of structure/strength/durability in the “fragility” of life is the content I am working with currently. My goal is to evoke a sense of this duality. 

On this joyful journey I have met master artist Jerry McLaughlin, who works in Oil and Cold Wax. He is my mentor and muse and instrumental to help me find my voice and make paintings that say, “this is a Kay Zetlmaier”!