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My art is the sincere, authentic interpretation of my thoughts and emotional reactions to our natural environment. Sojourning in Central Mexico this past 2023, I was inspired by the architecture, specifically the convergence of shapes and lines and how the builders manipulated them to form rooms, porticos, and alcoves.  “The more personal, the more universal,” an adage from the theater world, exemplifies the connection I have with humanity.

My goal is to evoke a sense of the structure and fragility within nature through the use of textures, geometric shapes, scale and color.

I use cold wax medium mixed with oil paint and applied with brayers, squeegees and pallet knives. I often scrape, print, dig, compress and add particulates during the painting process. Applying many layers of this mixture in a multitude of ways allows me to achieve complex surfaces of texture and luminous colors that invite attention and exploration.

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My studio is located in Ventura, California. If you'd like to arrange a studio visit - or if you wish to contact me to purchase a painting, take a workshop, send me directly or through my contact form at right!



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